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One of the equipment you may need at home is an air compressor. This machine can be used to create compressed air to power pneumatic tools like paint sprayers, impact wrenches, staplers and nailers. Technicians and contractors use pneumatic tools for automotive repair and bodywork, finish work, roofing and framing. For homeowners, the machines can come handy for lighter uses such as inflating sports equipment and tires or home-improvement projects. To find the Best Portable Air Compressor you should visit


There are different types of air compressors in the market. Each of the machines is designed for specific applications. Follow the guide below to know the best air compressor to buy.


Use of the Air Compressor

Before starting to search for an air compressor, determine how you will be using it. If you only intend to use the machine for occasional home projects or to inflate tires, go for a less expensive models like pancake and oil-less. 


If you want a machine for regular heavy-duty work, you will be better off buying a professional grade model with large air tanks and a more powerful motor. You can choose a compressor with either a large single tank or twin tanks. Go through the owner's manual of the tools you will be using to know their air requirements.


Where Will the Machine be Used?

Will you be moving the air compressor from project to project or will it remain in one spot in your workshop. If you want to buy a portable air compressor, make sure you are not choosing portability over performance. Smaller air compressors are easier to carry but may not have the power needed for your tools.


When evaluating air compressors, remember that speed does not determine the power. You can use a little drill with high RPM to handle minor repairs around the house, quickly assemble furniture or swiftly drive fasteners into pre-drilled holes. However, the drill will be useless when you need to drive large screws into wood. If you have a large project, the speed of the drill will not matter. Instead, in such a case, the most important factors to consider will be torque and power of the drill.


Mistakes to Avoid

One of the mistakes you should avoid when choosing an air compressor is going for a model that is too small. Portability may be one of the factors that are important to you in an air compressor. However, small compressors typically have smaller tanks and lower CFM, which means they use more electricity. Remember this when looking for the best portable air compressor to buy.


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